Our God is a Holy, Triune God. But what does that mean? We believe in three Persons in ONE God. The Holy Spirit is the part of the Trinity that lives inside of you and helps you avoid sin and stay on the righteous path. You may not realize this, but the Holy Spirit can have a huge impact on every Christian's life.

Let the Holy Spirit into your life and see what happens! By letting the Holy Spirit live within you, you are letting God into your heart and your soul. You can then more easily stay on the Christian, righteous path throughout life. So pray to God to let the Holy Spirit guide you, that way you can always make the decisions of a Christian.

What exactly does the Bible say about the Holy Spirit? Below are Bible verses on the Holy Spirit. Read these verses and meditate upon what it MEANS to have the Holy Spirit inside each one of us. Truly, this will help you become a better Christian!