How do you react when you face trials and tribulations? Do you give up or do you turn to God and the Bible? Trials are something we all will face as Christians, so learn to get through them by keeping the faith and praying. It IS easier said than done, that's for sure. We can SAY that we just need to pray to find our way through trials, but it is still going to be hard.

Think of every awful thing that happened in your life. Every single instance was painful and maybe you are still not "over it." What can make a different is praying to God for wisdom, for healing and for love. No matter what hardships you are facing, remember that God loves you. He gave up his only Son for you! So pray for grace and pray for strength - each one of us can make it through each one of our trials, we just need to be strong.

With God, all things are possible. This is an important fact to remember. If you want to learn more about making it through your worldly trials, read the Bible verses on trirals below. And God Bless you.