Obedience to the Lord is of the utmost importance for every Christian. We must continue to love God and love each other every day. But even though we know that Christian obedience is important, it's difficult to stay on the correct path every single day. That's why you should do things to strengethen your obedience and not weaken it.

You should not expose yourself to unhealthy temptations; this will only weaken your obedience and cause you pain. Instead, you should focus on the positive aspects of life that aren't sinful. Also, you should be meditating on Bible verses about obedience, that way you can learn more about how you can be obedient to Christ.

Godvine can provide you with all of the Bible verses about obedience you may need to use to help keep you obedient to God. Sometimes Christians lose their faith, but by reading scripture on obedience you can become closer to God.