War is an unfortunate and tragic part of our existence, and sometimes it's even fought over religion. Rest assured, Jesus never intended any bloodshed over his teachings and gift of salvation. But why does it happen?

It's just a fact that we live in a sinful world. Because of this sin, many bad things happen. We cannot stop it ourselves, but we can always stay strong when these things happen. Many of us know loved ones who have died because of warfare and it is a horrible thing to endure - Christian or not.

But being a Christian helps us through these times of trouble. Praying to God for guidance and comfort can really make a difference whenever we had to deal with terribly serious things. We can also pray that peace is brought to the world. It may never happen because of human nature, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't stop praying for it.

If you want to read what the Bible says about warfare, read the Bible verses on warfare below. Hopefully they will enlighten you and help you deal with the tragic things that happen in the world.